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Arts Archives - Pau Garcia

Behance Portfolio Review

The third Domestic Data Streamers intervention is a voting system for the candidates of the Behance Portfolio Review of Barcelona. By generating an ephemeral lab where data is literally turned into liquid, we are able to measure and visually perceive the votes made.



Taming The Wild


Human power exists in many ways, there is no better example than that which we exert on gardens, which is literally the taming of nature into ordered, symmetrical and static shapes.

Taming the Wild is an installation that reflects this dialogue between the natural course that leaves follow, and our ability to mould them into the forms that we wish.


Check the full project at Behance

Nankin Lab Exhibition

Chaumont is located in the region of Champagne-Ardenne. For two weeks it becomes the location for the Festival International de l’Affiche et du Graphisme de Chaumont. A playground for creatives. Full of activities, lectures, exhibitions and workshops hosting great designers and future promises. A place characterized by good humour and constant activity.

We’ve been there with Nankin Lab, proposing a constructive system using destruction as a constructive weapon. It’s been a great success with a big feedback, whereas the participation of visitors has been overwhelming. We want to thank the entire organization who has proactively collaborated to make this project possible and to Elisava School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona, for all the support they have given us. We can only say one thing, hope to see you next year!

Check the whole adventure in France at our Under Destruction Blog and the behance project here.

Illustration for Redbull Art Collective

On the image also with Pnado, Jaikme, Mònica Castel and Miguel Olivera

Common Ground Exhibition

common ground / ˈkä-mən ˈgrau̇nd / noun
a basis of mutual interest of or agreement

The city has defined itself, since its origin, as a double territory with two qualities: to form a delimited space and, within that space, to connect to other territories. The elements of the city evolve in time, allowing its territory to grow out of its geographical and tangible limits.  As a delimited space, it develops a public perception, not only visible (with the right to be overseen) but also accessible (with the right to be visited and experienced) by its inhabitants.

Having explored and experienced diverse aspects of the city during the three month residency program, Klaus Fruchtnis and Pau Garcia agreed to collaborate on a perception: forms that appropriate both time and space in order to create a new physical yet perceptual way to rediscover the city.Common ground: GPSme / Exitum, proposes flexible, simple volumes and continuous surfaces that translate their experience on the territory.

“The urban landscape, among its many roles, is also something to be seen, to be remembered, and to delight in.” The Image of the City, Kevin Lynch

Conference at Istituto Europeo di Design

Talk  at Istituto Europeo di Design with the artist Klaus Fruchtnis, about the new ways to construct subjective cartography.

Everything is Ending – 3D Neighbours

With 3D Neighbours we were thinking in the best way to say goodbye to the earth if finally this 2012 is the last year before apocalipse.

Smart Phones, Stupid People – 3D Neighbours

The biggest piece we have done as 3D Neighbours collective. Working again with the platform Murs Lliures over a huge wall in Tres Xemeneies of Barcelona.

Worclaw Biennal – 3D Neighbours

The last work of 2012 with 3D Neigbhours.

You Are Free – 3D Neighbours

Fabrica Workshop for Benetton

This days I’ve been working with the graphic designer Eva Vera in a visual piece for the life windows of Benetton shops in Barcelona and Milan. We also have to thank the indispensable help of Bogidar Mascareñas and Lorena Martinez.

 You can check the final piece here: 



Jelly Type with Bogidar Mascareñas

Video shooting of the lettering of Bogidar Mascareñas. This is what happens when you play with jelly and typefaces. Take a look to the full project here: Ephemera.

Destruction Test #02

Check Nankin Lab Website

Festival International Art of Benicássim

Our proposal for the artist intervention on the beach in Benicássim.

Destruction Test #01

City Burka

Sometimes I found myself thinking that I’m an awesome visual poet.

Rebuilding Destruction


Four Roads Prision

We went to the prision of Quatre Camins with Persianes Lliures to do an art workshop with the interns. Amazing experience.

Smash Llongueras

Long time ago I had a few problems with a hairdresser, then I designed this gadget. We’ve all had a bad hair cut. We’ve all thought about pay back. Part hairbrush, part knuckle busters that seem to be straight out of Sweeny Todd’s kit. The gadget presumably sticks-it to Lluís Batlle Llongueras, a famous Spanish hair stylist whose chain of salons carry his name. It features wood-engraved artwork and the expression:
“God bless you.”

P-Art Urban Gallery 2011

After two months of hard work with my brother we are proud to show the result of the event P-Art.

Visit the website:


Mahagonny, Elisava theater team

There are a few things on Elisava that I enjoyed 100% with no dark side. One is the coffe robot, that if you want it gives you more sugar for free, and the other is the Theater Team of Elisava School.

Press The Button Project

Press The Button Project was a project made in collaboration with Octavi Serra during our Erasmus in Slovenia in 2011.

Check the website: