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About - Pau Garcia

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Pau Garcia is a Spanish Designer. His research is based on the areas of graphic arts and new media technology.

Pau was born in Barcelona in the 80’s.  In his early college days, he was geared towards the Bio field in hopes to become a dentist. He then realized that life is too short to have your hands inside the mouth of other people so he  finally studied Social Science at Jesuites de Casp and continued his education at Elisava School of Design and Engineering, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude in a B.A. Graphic Design. After career in 2012 he won an European Prize, to develope an experimental cartography project in collaboration with Istituto Europeo di Design, in Milan. Since then he has developed different art and communication research projects in Italy, Germany, Norway, France and Spain.

Nowadays he leads Domestic Data Streamers studio,working in research and interactive installations for cultural institutions, organizations and companies such as Qatar Foundation, CCCB or the Mobile World Congress.. Pau is curator at Colortracks Gallery and Ús Barcelona, a festival about art and urban space which brings together the best creative talents in the urban art scene throughout Europe.



2013-Now  Domestic Data Streamers Experimental Data Visualization.

2014- Ús Barcelona Curator and Art Director

2013- ColorTracks Urban Art Platform

2012- 3D Neighbours Art Collective

2011- Arbusto Films Film Studio

2010- Persianes Lliures Street Art Platform


August 2014–  Nankin Lab  at Museum of Outstanding Design, Como, Italy.

May 2014–  Domestic Data Streamers for Big Bang Data Exhibition at CCCB, Barcelona, Spain.

March 2014–  Domestic Data Streamers for Demo Journey at DHUB, Barcelona, Spain.

April 2014ReCall Project, The Nordic Embassies, Berlin, Germany.

February 2014– Diem Light Installation at Ateneu Barcelonès, Barcelona, Spain.

September 2013Domestic Data Streamers at SWAB International Contemporary Art Fair, Barcelona, Spain.

September 2013– CAVEA installation at Sensorium, Cadaques, Spain. Check the making of

July/August 2013– Street Art and Protest Culture group exhibiton at Festival of Peace, Augsburg, Germany.

July/August 2013Taming The Wild,  Bagni di Lucca Art Festival, Italy. Check the making of

June/July 2013– FAD Fest, The best design of the year at  Adi-Fad,  Barcelona, Spain.

May 2013Ecoles au travail, solo exhibition at International Festival of Graphic Design,  Chaumont, France.

January 2013– Common Ground duo exhibition in Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, Italy.

September 2012– Grand Palace on the Day of United Nations, Brussels, Belgium.

January 2012– International Short Film Festival, Lille, France.

October 2011– Arts Libris in Santa Mónica, Barcelona, Spain.

June 2010– Sonar Festival at CCCB, Barcelona, Spain.

July 2010– FAD Fest, The best design of the year at  Adi-Fad, Barcelona, Spain.


2014 – Premi Ciutat de Barcelona en Disseny (with DDS)

2014 – 6th on DAC’s Classification among the best designers in the world.

2014 – Premio Gràffica (with DDS)

2014 – Silver Laus FAD Award – Interactive Installations (with DDS)

2014Black Rock Arts Foundation Grant (with DDS)

2013-Platinum A’Design Award in Graphics and Visual Communication

2013-Bronze Laus FAD Audiovisual Project

2013-Bronze Laus FAD Major Career Project

2012-M4m Mobility European Commission Price

2012-Gold ASPID Advertising Helathcare Awards (with Bubblegum)

2012-Silver ASPID Advertising Helathcare Awards (with Bubblegum)

2011-Bronze Laus FAD Students Project

2011-Bronze Laus FAD Audiovisual Project

Feb 2015– About the process, Chill Laus, Barcelona

Jan 2015 – Excel into erotic lyrics, Transmediale Vorspiel, Berlin

Jan 2015 – Workshop “Data Sculpting” at Design Transfer UDK, Berlin

Nov 2014 – Workshop “Playing with Data” at Elisava, Barcelona

Nov 2014 – Premios Gráffica La Térmica, Málaga

Nov 2014 – Visualized iO London

Nov 2014 – Guest Lecturer, Royal College of Art, London

Nov 2014 – Out of the Screen, Blanc Festival, Vilanova

Oct 2014 – Data Songs in Katara Cultural Village, Doha

Oct 2014 – Creative Programming Metting for Zzzinc and MIRA Festival

Sept 2014Escola Muuu Girona

July 2014– Turn Excel Sheets into Erotic Lyrics at Open Design/Shared Creativity FAD Fest

June 2014MADinSpain Express

June 2014-Design Clinic at Fjord Madrid

May 2014FIU Talks at DHUB Barcelona

April 2014Beyond Memorialisation, Design for Conflict Heritage at Nordic Embassies Berlin

April 2014– The Duck Data Theory at VCCP Agency Berlin

February 2014-Jornades DEMO, Nous procesos de creació, Disseny Hub Barcelona

February 2014-Chaumont Contest, Elisava School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona

October 2013Behance Portfolio Reviews Barcelona, Introduction to Domestic Data Streamers

October 2013Fabrica Moritz Cocreation Speech Barcelona

April 2013Elisava School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona

January 2013Istituto Europeo di Design of Milan

Dicember 2012Istituto Europeo di Design of Milan

June 2011-CCCB Open Walls Conference


July  2014 Bagni di Lucca Art Festival, Italy.

July/August 2013 Bagni di Lucca Art Festival, Italy.

June 2013 ReCall Project at Falstad Center, Norway.

October 2012 / February 2013 – FDV Residency program curated by Careof DOCVA.


-IdN vol 21 nº2: Minimalist Issue 2014

-Amazing Layout Design  Dopress Book.   2014 

-Amazing Layout Design  Dopress Book.  2014 

-Color Matters  SendPoint Publishing Co.Ltd.  2014 

-Data Visualization,  Borch Publishing Co.  2014 

-Coloring Your Brand  Dopress Book. 2013 Check on the web

-La Fiebre del Oro: Premis Laus, Aa.Vv. 2013

-ELISAVA 50: Fundació Privada Elisava Escola Universitària, 2013 

-Common Ground: Exitium Milano/GPSme, Comune di Milano, 2013 Now in Blurb!

-So1l 2uo 3rio: Small Studios Big Impact, Victionary2013

Absolute Stationery Design: Identity & Promotion, Sandu Cultural Media2012 Now in Amazon!

-The Book of Envy: Premis Laus, Aa.Vv. 2011 Now in Amazon!



-The first Sony’s product was a rice pot.

-In Philippines there’s an island inside a lake which is inside another island which is inside another lake inside another island.

-You can buy a “Moby Dick” copy written on toilette paper on Ebay.

-There’s an indian that has been with his arm risen during 38 years in honor to Shiva goddess.

-Kangaroos don’t fart.

-The biggest living creature on earth is a subterranean fungus in Oregon. Its diameter is  3 miles an a half.

-Koalas sleep 22 hours per day.

Thomas Alva Edison, the bulb inventor was afraid of the darkness.

-You can reuse your 28 years old calendars.

-Burgers were invented by Leonardo Da Vinci.

-It’s more probable to die while you are going to buy the lottery than to win it.

-During 80 years , it has never been reported an ostrich hiding his head on the ground in a 200 thousand case study.


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