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Pau Garcia // Human Research and Visual Design

Voting System

Behance Portfolio Reviews

Behance is one of the biggest creative communities in the world, a platform to showcase and discover new work in any creative field. We were invited to participate in the Barcelona Portfolio Reviews in order to create a voting system for the candidates for the last talk of the event.

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Nankin Mag

Exhibition Magazines

Three Magazines part of a limited edition publication that was exhibited on May and June of 2013 at The International Festival of Graphic Design in Chaumont, France as part of the global project Nankin Lab.

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Hands is a project developed in 2013 collaborating with Octavi Serra, Mateu Targa and Daniel Llugany, all of them works in the field of visual arts and loves the way actual and past politicians are doing their job.


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Ephemeral Installation

Curiosity is part of human nature, the  result of which is experimentation. This, as designers, is what we do, working with new media, asking questions, imagining the impossible and making it happen. The installation Cavea has been created especially for Sensorium Gran Gala of Surrealism on the main beach of Cadaques.

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Exitium Milano

Research Catalog

The book of the project I developed my residency in Milan. Edited by Comune di Milano in collaboration with Klaus Fruchtnis, Istituto Europeo di Design and Studio Azzurro

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  • Pau Garcia Urban Perception 6
  • Pau Garcia Urban Perception 6
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  • Pau Garcia Urban Perception 1
  • Pau Garcia Urban Perception 2
  • Pau Garcia Urban Perception 3

3D Perceptive Maps

Six three dimensional maps that recompose the shape of the city of Milan. As a topographic map, each sculpture,with its different shapes and features, determines the group of people who designed it (architects,inhabitants, artists, etc.) throught his perception. This installation goes beyond a simple form, allowing the observer to discover a collective spatial perception through storytelling. The installation was exhibited on January 2013 at Fabbrica del Vapore Gallery in Milan.

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  • Pau Garcia nankin lab

Nankin Lab Brand

Destruction as a constructive weapon

There is a rare pleasure in seeing a building collapse, in breaking a paper in a half, or blowing up a balloon. These are acts that sometimes last less than a second, and being so ephemeral, makes you run longer in a shorter time. These are situations involving speed and high intensity. Nankin Lab is an experimental design studio that recreates on these moments to generate new projects.

The visual identity of the studio focuses on the first idea of Tangram graphic destruction. Using as main ingredients sans serif fonts and bold color harmony.

You can find more information on the website:


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Destroying Traditional Cartography

Eight ways to generate city maps and analyze urban behaviors, through the use of the inhabitants perception and temporal data.

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  • i have been series crosswalk Pau Garcia
  • Pau Garcia I have been series

I Have Been Series

Poster Series

Under the name “I Have Been Series” I produced a variety of posters, which as the name suggests they “have been” in different places during certain period of time. The key point is the graphic redundancy of the project: on one hand, the typography explains where the poster has been exposed (before being framed), and on the other hand, the erosion of the poster makes a direct reference to the space and time at which it has been exposed. Thus, one view reinforces the other explaining it differently but in a complementary manner.

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  • milano shapes_paualekumsalaam3
  • milano shapes_paualekumsalaam2

Milano Shape

Interactive Installation

A video installation that, as a proper environment, suggests to the observer disctinctions and relations. The observer, too, has an active role in both perceiving it and in creatively developing the story of what he sees. It creates a place where perception allows the visitor to organize, select and understand the information in the space. The visitor is confronted with a large piece composed of city patterns, questioning him or her about the visual identity of the city.

This project is part of the Common Ground duo-exhibition hosted in Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan on Jan-Feb 2013 in collaboration with the artist Klaus Fruchtnis.

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  • Pau Garcia Bennetton Live Window

Live Window Benetton

for International Day of Peace

To be honest, our minds went blank when we heard about the topic of the video: “Sustainable Peace for a Sustainable Future”. Avoiding classic iconography such as peace, white pigeons, hippies and peace logos, we decided to focus our video on the concept “sustainable”, and consequently on Balance and Time. Then we converted the concepts to objects, which was probably the hardest part of the process.

Project done in collaboration of Elisava School and Fabrica

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Sonic Graphics Experiment

Art Is War

Working with 3D Neighbours in Plaça Catalunya with the collaboration of Rebobinart and Murs Lliures for the “Festes de la Mercé”.

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  • 9969_brand_2_3
  • 9969_brand_rubik


Braille Brand

9969 Brand Company for the visually impaired. 9969 is an enterprise who works with visually impaired people. I wanted to generate a corporate image related to their own objectives and beliefs; to link their identity to what they do, what they create and how they communicate through this invisible language. The project would succeed when transmitting this “blind exploration” to those who can see. Besides, this corporate image had to be functional both visually and haptically, connecting traditional and Braille writing. Combining those two writing systems was the main idea and the basis of this project. After all, we pretended to reconcile, through design, two languages that don’t have to live apart.

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6825f., is a visual interpretation of Jhon Cage’s masterpiece(4:33) by means of the enlargement of the parts of the body and listening to the sounds produced during 6.825 frames, (4min.33secs), from the concept that the unconnected and inaudible sounds produced by the individual are creating the music, imperceptible, but eternal.

  •  Pau Garcia buddhist flyswater
  • Pau Garcia buddhistflyswaterr

Buddhist Flyswatter

Object Disobedience

A flyswatter model for all Chinese population should be created. A flyswatter model created in China for Chinese people. To get this, Deng Xiaoping has very good engineers, all very technical, who have been enslaved by Deng Xiaoping regime; they are the best engineers in Asia, and all from Tibet. They created a flyswatter with a hole in the middle to never kill a fly; they believe in reincarnation, they are Buddhists.

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